Digital voice assistants: the next frontier in brand communications?


The blending of the digital and physical worlds is evolving from a wide range of parallel services to a truly seamless experience. Leading this development is the emerging prominent role of the digital voice assistant (DVA) device, as it makes accessing these disparate services more easy.

The key question for brand and their communicators is how well will they be able to develop and offer these blended experiences to their customers.

New findings from the 2018 Accenture Digital Consumer Survey of 21,000 online consumers in 19 countries reveal that respondents want more digital experiences blended into everyday life. It argues that digital consumers now find freestanding voice assistants more useful for carrying out daily tasks, from listening to music to scheduling appointments.

This trend can be expected to carry over into the workplace, and so the Survey recommends that brands prepare now with expanded options, languages and faster data training.

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