Earned media most influential on consumer perceptions

For driving consumer opinion on brands and products earned media placements come out on top. Earned media is rated as the most influential source of news and information by consumers in China, the US and the UK in regards to their opinions of brands, according to new research from WE Communications.

Consumers also pointed to earned media as the source of information they are mostly likely to share via social media and other platforms when a brand has been portrayed in a positive light.

Additionally, the study reveals the usage rates of devices by consumers accessing news and other information. On average consumers are interacting with four devices per day with smartphone usage leading usage time in all three markets.

The Stories in Motion report investigates consumer behaviours in relationship to branded content and how these behaviours vary by channels, platforms, time of day and product category.

The findings were taken from 3,000 responses across the US, UK and China to a survey conducted by research firm YouGov.

To discover more take a look at Stories in Motion on the WE Communications website or read the press release.

Read our interview with Gareth Davies, head of digital at WE Communications.

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