Employee engagement and reputation management

Employee engagement as a driving force behind reputation management is the subject of Communication for Engagement, a new report conducted by the PR Academy – a provider of internal communications qualifications – and über engagement, a consultancy specialising in employee engagement. In compiling the survey, the authors took as their starting point four major enablers identified in an earlier report (Engaging for Success), namely empowering leadership, engaging managers, employee voice and organisational integrity. According to Communication for Engagement, “internal communications practitioners say that resources are split between operational communication, keeping people informed, and the more impactful engagement drivers; strategic communication, employee feedback and research, and line manager and team communication”. In other words, only half of internal communication is directly linked to the four major engagement enablers. The new report quotes one survey respondent as saying “senior leaders have a very cavalier attitude to employees, they don’t trust them”. This message is reinforced by the report’s findings on how key groups in organisations view internal communications. Only a quarter of respondents (24 per cent) believe their board thinks internal communications is really important. The figure for senior managers was similar at 23 per cent. 34 per cent believe the executive team values internal communications as really important, and just 17 per cent believe line managers think of it as really important. This detailed report – the first phase of a two-part project – provides a wealth of information on why everyone should take employee engagement more seriously.  Taken from PR Academy with über engagement,  Communication for Engagement

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