Employee engagement on the rise

Despite various business challenges facing regions, Aon Hewitt’s Global Employee Engagement Index has risen from 62% to 65% in the past year.

Not to be confused with satisfaction, employer engagement is a critical business metric defined in the report as “the level of an employee’s psychological investment in their organization”.

Of the five regions examined, four are trending favourably. Asia Pacific has the biggest improvement with a five point increase (from 60% to 65%). Europe has a smaller two point improvement (from 58% to 60%) while both North America (64% to 65%) and Latin America (71% to 72%) have one point gains. Africa is the only region trending negatively, falling three points from 62% to 59%.

At an individual country level, China leads the way on the overall engagement scores from the large economies, with an improvement of eight points. However the greatest leap comes from the Philippines with a 13 point improvement, from 62% to 75%.

The findings of Aon Hewitt’s 2016 Trends in Global Employee Engagement report were drawn from three million employee responses in 2014 and more than four million responses in 2015 from more than 1,000 organisations. More than 60 industries are represented in the study.

You can download the full report for more insights on the Aon Hewitt website.

Image:  Aon Hewitt

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