The factors at play in risky business

The global economy is a volatile environment and companies are regularly exposed to issues that could severely harm their business prospects. The Global Risk Management survey from Aon reveals where those risks are concentrated and the weight placed on them by risk managers across 60 countries.

From the answers of 1,400 professionals reputation damage was identified as the number one threat to a company in 2015. Over 50 per cent of respondents listed this as the top risk concern. Reputation damage is perceived to stem from other risks that appeared further down the list, such as distribution or supply chain failure (14) or computer crime (9). At the same time it is identified as a cause in failure to attract top talent (5) and cash flow issues (12).

Other high-ranking risks include economic slowdown (2), regulatory changes (3) and increasing competition (4).

The findings reveal a wide range but often interrelated list of threats that risk managers must be aware of. The rise of not traditionally insurable risks shows the challenges of having to adapt to emerging risk exposures while also keeping on top of the traditional dangers.

For an interactive look into the findings explore Aon’s summary video

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