Is the future of leadership communication more feminine?

With abundant evidence that men are paid on average more than their female counterparts for the same jobs, the question of leadership and gender is more urgent than ever. The Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor (KLCM) 2014 reveals what it calls "one of the defining facets of the new era of leadership communication": a new, more “feminine” leadership communication model. According to the report, female leaders are seen as displaying more of the attributes deemed important for effective leaders.
However, the research also found that male leaders narrowly edge out their female counterparts as the chosen gender the world looks to in order to help us navigate the challenges of the next five years.
The survey also shows that consumers continue to be disillusioned with their leaders, leading to what the survey calls a global leadership crisis. It also finds that open, transparent communication is absolutely critical to effective leadership, though there is a persistent gap between expectation and delivery of great leadership: find out more about these challenging findings on the report's web page.

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