How social is changing the brand/celebrity dynamic

Celebrity endorsement through social media is now the most common form of celebrity engagement with brands.

According to the Future of Celebrity Marketing report from Celebrity Intelligence, 79% of companies and 75% of agencies say they are currently working with celebrities through social media promotion.

The social media format has also led to some companies (22%) and agencies (40%) choosing to use campaign-specific endorsements over long-term celebrity campaigns.

The report suggests while film actors are the most desirable celebrity endorsement, 43% of companies and 46% of agencies believe social media talent will be the most relevant talent for future campaigns.

The report shows that 70% of companies manage their relationships with celebrities in-house, with 66% of these companies suggesting that this is a challenging, time consuming task.

The findings of the report were taken from a survey of 355 in-house brand managers, agencies, consultants and media owners.  

You can read more about the findings and download the full report on the Future of Celebrity Marketing page on the Celebrity Intelligence website.

Image: iStock

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