If you build it, they will come: The new role of employer brand

Progressive companies are leveraging their strong brands to attract and retain top talent. These companies are positioning their brand promise specifically for employees. For those companies who have not looked at their brand from a talent recruitment and retention lens, this requires new strategies and practices to deliberately enhance the brand promise and its potential to inspire talent to engage with the company’s mission. That’s the main message at the heart of the latest report from ManpowerGroup Solutions, If You Build It, They Will Come: The New Role of Employer Branding which explores in depth findings from its survey into how branding affects competition for today’s candidates. According to the Group, what emerges from the survey’s findings “was a clear picture of the importance of brand and company reputation among candidates — along with insights about best practices for building an employer brand that will motivate top talent to seek out a company and top performers to stay with an organization.”

Employer brand is an increasingly effective tool for establishing competitive advantage in the modern marketplace. Companies who build and reinforce a compelling, candidate-centric dialogue with employees and potential employees will find that top recruits will come to them, argues ManpoerGroup, thereby creating a robust talent pipeline for filling present and future positions within the organization.

For more about the survey’s findings, including a handy infographic on Eight Keys To Building Employer Brand – visit ManpowerGroup Solution’s website here.

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