Looking at risk around the world

Businesses face new challenges posed by today’s interconnected corporate environment: that’s a claim made by this year’s Allianz Risk Barometer. With globalisation bringing a higher level of interconnection between business, the degree of risk complexity has also expanded: as the Barometer’s report reminds us, the number of multinational companies has grown from 7,000 to almost 104,000 over the past 50 years and is expected to reach 140,000 by 2020: faced with this astonishing growth, the study of risk complexity needs to take a global approach, which is precisely what the Allianz Risk Barometer presents.

A sad sign of the times: political upheavel/war is top of the list of rising risk perceptions, along with cyber crime and climate change. On the other hand, market stagnation and technological innvoation are top of the list of falling risk percepetions: read the full report here.

Image: Thinkstock

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