Communication Director Newsletter - 11.11.2014
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Welcome to the first Asia-Pacific edition of Communication Directory,

Linking communications to strategic business goals is one of the most pressing challenges facing today’s professional communicators; many feel that they are called on to prove the value and impact of their work with each new campaign. In an article written for Communication Director magazine and free to read in this month's Communication Directory newsletter, GE's global head of communications, Gary Sheffer, explores the journey taken by corporate communicators towards making that link clear to all.

Communication Directory is the monthly newsletter published by Communication Director magazine. Featuring personnel changes, upcoming events, job announcements and surveys, we are looking forward to being a platform for in-house communicators and PR professionals working in this diverse and dynamic region. Take a look at this month's selection and feel free to drop us a line and share your thoughts.

Myriam Ziesack, currently Press Spokesperson for Swiss in Zurich, will take on the position of Head of Group Communications ‘Asia/Pacific’ and will manage Asian media from Singapore.   The ...  + 
Australian-based enterprise and mobility technology company Tigerspike has moved to further strengthen its global presence with the appointment of an Australian to oversee its communications business ...  + 
Girish Huria, former COO of Avian Media, joined eBay as Communications Head late last month. He will be based at eBay India headquarters in Mumbai.   Daniel Feiler, Senior Director Communication, ...  + 
Mandarin Oriental has moved Edwina Kluender to Hong Kong as director of communications.   She most recently spearheaded the marketing re-launch of Mandarin Oriental in San Francisco and will now ...  + 
Abhijit Abhyankar has been appointed Cathay Pacific Airways’ Regional Marketing Communications Manager, South Asia. In his new portfolio, Abhijit will be responsible for the development and execution of all marketing communications’ ...  + 
The former corporate communications manager for Kimberly-Clark ANZ, Joanna McCarthy, has joined QBE Insurance in the newly created role of global communications brand and content manager. She will report to global group ...  + 
Fish & Game has appointed veteran journalist and broadcaster Don Rood as the organisation's national communications manager.   Rood has worked as a journalist for the last 36 years mainly in ...  + 
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The journey of measurement and evaluation pushes at the limits of our ideas about the value of communications and public relations

  It strikes me that I could summarise this article by paraphrasing Donald Rumsfeld. There are known-knowns. There are known unknowns and there are unknown unknowns. Let me start with the known unknowns first. The fact is there is so much we don’t know about research and measurement. As communicators, we are sitting at a table with others in the company who have definitive metrics – the cost of capital, invento  read more 
13.11.2014, Osaka
2014 Conference Theme: “Individual, Community & Society: Conflict, Resolution & Synergy”   Hear the latest ...  + 
20.11.2014, Kuala Lumpur
The upheaval in technology & media has shifted communications from one-way broadcast to a highly fluid & interactive model. Today, speed, ...  + 
20.11.2014, Kuala Lumpur
Global Crisis Communications Conference [GC3] 2014 will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 20 to 21 November 2014 (with pre-conference ...  + 
04.12.2014, Hong Kong
The 2014 Corporate Affairs Forum will examine the value of reputation, its opportunities and its threats – and features an interactive ...  + 
04.12.2014, Hong Kong
An unrivalled networking event, The Gold Standard Awards cocktail reception brings together over 200 of the region’s leading corporate ...  + 
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Organised by VMA Group, a global recruitment and training specialist for corporate and marketing communications, the Pulse survey was designed to go beyond the average salary survey, delving deeper into market trends, team structures and future predictions. Now in its second year, it gives the industry a holistic view of the corporate communications market in Asia right now, and rel  read more 
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