Communication Director is published quarterly: the magazine's Issue Focus explores a different communications topic each issue from a variety of perspectives. In addition, Communication Director features a range of articles that cover the full spectrum of the communications and public affairs portfolio. From digital to B2B, crisis communications to HR. Other regular features include Questions To, a short Q&A with one of Europe's communication directors, Communications Reader, a selection of book reviews and previews, an in-depth Interview with a leading figure from the field of communications, and news about the latest activities of the European Association of Communication Directors (EACD)


Made to measure
Issue 03/2017 Europe
Communication and collaboration
Issue 02/2017 Europe
Fake news, real threats
Issue 01/2017 Europe


A voice in the crowd
Issue 04/2016 Europe
Sign of the times
Issue 03/2016 Europe
The unwritten contract
Issue 02/2016 Europe
You gotta have faith
Issue 01/2016 Europe


Hidden powers: corporate citizenship revealed
Issue 04/2015 Europe
Pleased to meet you?
Issue 03/2015 Europe
Direct! Empower! Inspire!
Issue 02/2015 Europe
Anticipation and disruption
Issue 01/2015 Europe


A Different Perspective
Issue 04/2014 Europe
Making the Case
Issue 03/2014
The Next Frontier
Issue 02/2014
Get Into The Global Conversation
Issue 01/2014


The New PR Profile
Issue 04/2013
The Corporate Media Mix
Issue 03/2013
Finding the Right Path
Issue 02/2013
Power & Persuasion
Issue 01/2013


A Cog in the Machine
Issue 04/2012
A Working Relationship
Issue 03/2012
The Genuine Article
Issue 02/2012
To B2B or not to B2B?
Issue 01/2012


Colouring in Communications
Issue 04/2011
The Match Maker
Issue 03/2011
Embedding the Message
Issue 02/2011
How to Arrange your Communications Department
Issue 01/2011


Take Control Of Your Career
Issue 04/2010
On Top Of The Game
Issue 03/2010
Heart of the Company
Issue 02/2010
The Social Media Ball
Issue 01/2010


Paint a Portrait
Issue 04/2009
Overcome the Stereotypes
Issue 03/2009
The Only Constant
Issue 02/2009
The Way Forward
Issue 01/2009


Facts and Figures
Issue 04/2008
Look Who's Talking
Issue 03/2008
Natural Competitors
Issue 02/2008
Weather the Storm
Issue 01/2008


Photo Finish
Issue 04/2007
When The Saints Go Marching In
Issue 03/2007
Quid Pro Quo
Issue 02/2007
Fight the Chaos
Issue 01/2007


Vive le Difference!
Issue 01/2006