Questions to....Peko Wan

Head of PR and Communication, Asia at Opera Software.



Peko Wan heads PR and Communication, Asia at Opera Software. Based in Taipei, she joined Opera Software in February 2009. She started her public relations career in Caesar Park Hotel Hsinchu in 1999 before spending five years in Ogilvy Public Relations, serving technology-related clients, such as Arianespace, DuPont, Samsung Electronics, Taiwan Network Information Center, and TradeCard. Peko was born in Hong Kong, raised in Taiwan and graduated from the University of Southern Cali-fornia with a MBA degree.

The best thing about my job is… making friends in different regions and learning about their cultures. Also, I am able to travel to the countries where the internet is beginning to spread because of our products. I feel I am part of those who are making history.

The worst thing about my job is… arranging my travel itinerary. There are many interesting events happening in this region but sometimes it is difficult to attend them all because of conflicts and last minute appointments.

If heads of corporate communications didn’t exist… I would be a producer. I’m interested in pulling resources together and making something happen.

The best piece of advice I’ve been given is… “Old habits die hard. If you can break them, your achievement will be greater than anyone else,” said my mom.

My favourite character in history is… Kublai Khan. He was a Mongolian but adapted to Chinese culture as the first non-Han emperor in China. During that time, he also opened up the interaction between east and west.

My present-day heroine is… Malala Yousafzai. She is an amazing lady, fighting for children’s education. When I was her age, I knew nothing apart from day dreaming. Shame on me!

My biggest weakness is… I used to be impulsive sometimes because I liked to finish things quickly. Now I step back and think twice, especially when making important decisions.

A masterpiece of corporate communication was… The initiative by Facebook. Connecting the next billion online is something that Opera has been doing for years as one of our missions. However, the initiative brings global attention to this issue by partnering with other companies like us to make something happen. This is brilliant.

The book on my bedside table is… The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. It examines why habits develop and how we can change them. I highly recommend it.

For me, utter happiness is… touring historic sites. I am always deeply touched by the greatness of ancient architecture built by ancient people.

The Asia-Pacific country I enjoy visiting most is… I love visiting Vietnam and Thailand. The food is great, people are friendly and the hotels are affordable. I also like visiting Japan too, especially the countryside.