Seeing eye to eye

Although often in the shadow of their digital alternatives, face-to-face meetings still have a valuable role to play

Ever wonder if all those meeting you have with your colleagues have any value at all?  It often seems as if they go off track, are dull and boring, have too many distractions and so forth. Are these face-to-face meeting really worth it, especially compared to other ways to interact using other forms of business communications such as teleconferencing, email, etc.?  In this essay, I argue that indeed face-to-face business meetings can add great value compared to these technology enhanced communications media.

Richard Arvey

Dr Richard Arvey is professor and head of the Department of Management and Organization in the National University of Singapore's business school. He is an organisational psychologist and received his PhD from the University of Minnesota, USA. His research involves the various processes associated with motivation and job satisfaction, as well as the determinants of leadership. He has taught and conducted research at the Universities of Houston, Tennessee, California-Berkeley, and Minnesota.