Fusing facts and value

Reviewing new developments in the field of sustainability reporting and integrated reporting

According to the European Commission, Europe can be seen as the global leader in the disclosure of social and environmental information by corporations. In 2011, an estimated 2,500 European companies disclosed social and environmental information. However, taking into account that over 40,000 large companies operate within the European Union, the number of companies that disclose social and environmental information is a far cry from its actual potential. This immense challenge also provides an opportunity for companies to communicate about their corporate social responsibility profile, dilemmas and results.

Tineke Lambooy

Dr Tineke Lambooy is an associate professor at Utrecht University and at Nyenrode Business University. She is the author of Corporate Social Responsibility. Legal and semi-legal frameworks supporting CSR (Kluwer, 2010).

Sander van ‘t Foort

Sander van ‘t Foort. is currently pursuing a master of laws degree at Utrecht University Law School.

Michiel Brandt

Michiel Brandt is a researcher at the Center for Sustainability at Nyenrode Business University.