ECS - What the audience said

The 2019 European Communication Summit as seen by Twitter followers

This year's European Communication Summit covered change and disruption from multiple angles, inviting its 500+ delegates to look at the transformation of the communications profession from fresh angles.

The event kicked off with a wake-up call about the sweeping changes threatening the communications status quo - from 'deep fake' image and video manipulation as highlighted by opening keynote speaker Rand Waltzman... the spread of disinformation the disruption of the media industry in the first of several panel discussion, this one featuring HSBC's Pierre Goad, OECD's Anthony Gooch Gálvez, Ferrero's Giulia Di Tommaso and PMI's Aaron Sherinian :

In the face of these existential threats, a clearly-defined purpose have neve been more important: several of the Summit's speakers called on communicators to be bold in stading up for their values:

Against this background of radical transformation, how should the role of the communications leader and his or her department be shaped? Discussions on communications leadership, as well as the organisation of the comms role and the comms function, were highlighted by the audience:

Fintech, blockchain, brand management, experiential marketing and VR all made their appearancs at the 2019 European Communication Summit: to see more coverage, folllow the #ECS2019 hashtag with input from @commssummit, @codimag and @eacdonline, all on Twitter.

Main photo:  © Jana Legler