5 tips for... getting the right media mentor

The qualities to look out for when you’re searching for a media coach


So you’re getting set for a media interview and you need some coaching. Or you’re starring in your own in-house video series and you need to prepare for it. But how do you find the right media or presentation skills coach? Here are five qualities to look for:

1. Real television experience

Your media coach should have experience in the medium that you are training for. Limousine drivers are good at driving limousines. But just as you wouldn‘t engage a limousine driver to drive a bus, you wouldn‘t engage a print journalist to coach television skills. If you are training for television interviews, ask your media coach if they have real world television presentation experience. experience television.

Mark Laudi

Mark Laudi CEO of Hong Bao Media. He is a mentor in media and presentation skills to C-suite executives, elected politicians and senior government officials, and a sought-after speaker on communications. He has a 14-year award-winning career in radio and television, and a further 10 years in new media. At CNBC Asia Pacific, he held almost every position in the newsroom from producer to anchor and field reporter. At age 28, he launched CNBC Australia in Sydney as bureau chief. In Singapore, he was a member of the inaugural production and presentation team of English-language talk radio station 938LIVE.