Group chat

How to keep far-flung managers informed and engaged

On set at Ericsson's R&D digital conference broadcast / Photos: Ericsson


Nothing beats a face-to-face meeting. But what do you do when your company employs 3500 managers around the world? The latest in collaborative technology enables even the most widespread multinational to bring employees together for the next best thing to being there in person.

According to tradition, our company organised a yearly face-to-face meeting with managers from our global research and development (R&D) organisation. But out of 3500 managers, we could only afford to host 700 of them.  With an enormous ongoing company transformation, how could we get our messages across if we couldn’t reach them all? This was the starting point for the development of a digital platform to communicate with our colleagues, spread across more than 40 places around the world.

With a very supportive steering-group by our side, we turned all our traditional plans upside down and made the decision to go all in with a digital event. Our task was now to develop an event platform that allowed us to communicate with 3500 managers in real-time. Other challenges we put on the list were time zones, engagement and interaction, content and speaker capabilities.