Issue 02/2013

Finding the right path: ethics and communications

 Today’s communication professionals are sometimes called upon to engage in work that, though legally acceptable, can often be less concretely-defined in terms of ethics.The push towards transparency and compliance rules that has taken place over the past few years means that questions of ethics are more relevant to communicators than ever before. Ethical issues are regularly encountered by professionals working in the fields of governmental relations, lobbying and public affairs, while the increasingly globalised world of business can bring certain practices into direct conflict with ethical codes. Furthermore, digital channels of communication and social media phenomena have further clouded the issue of exactly what the appropriate ethical response should be. So how do today’s communicators address the practicalities of ethics in their day-to-day work? This issue of Communication Director invites experts from the professional and academic fields to contribute their opinions on this pressing subject.

Agenda setter

Communication ideas in the eyes of experts

Microsoft believes so strongly in the benefits of a more flexible approach to work styles,it organised a special day to evangelise on the subject.


The full spectrum of the communicator's portfolio

A comprehensive new project compares the competences of professional communicators across Europe

Increasingly, companies are inviting non-traditional stakeholders to take a seat and join the discussion

Team Player

How to improve personnel management and your career

Getting employees financially engaged not only helps them make informed decisions but also builds better relations at work

It is important not to let workplace frustration undermine your investments in employee engagement

The Story of PR

Looking back at landmark communications

Scandinavian ideals of equality, egalitarianism and ethics have been driving forces in post-second world war public relations in Norway

The Industrial Revolution overthrew an understanding of information ethics established in the time of Aristotle


Key communicators under the spotlight

Executive Vice President, Zone Director for Europe, Nestlé

Issue focus

Looking at the important questions of communication

Paul Seaman on getting to grips with PR ethics

Communicators increasingly face ethical dilemmas, yet there is confusion about how to proceed.

An effective code of conduct is one of the best preventative measures a company can take to protect its reputation and business

Self-knowledge, self-image and alignment are the keys to having confidence to voice and act on your values

Addressing dark corporate pasts raises ethical dilemmas for communicators

Corporate codes can be divided into many different categories; some are more concerned with control than with ethics

When confronted with moral dilemmas, top managers use various ethical theories to help them decide how to proceed

Although often launched with the best intentions, corporate responsibility initiatives can impose self-inflicted risks on the company’s reputation

Several recent scandals have revealed severe problems in the management culture at one of the UK’s most esteemed organisations

A whistleblowing system offers employees at one Nordic bank a new way to report their ethical concerns, and is one of several trust-earning measures

Questions to...

The personal side of communication directors

Head of PR and Corporate Communications, Balkan Star Automotive