Laurent Freixe

Executive Vice President, Zone Director for Europe, Nestlé


Click here to watch Laurent Freixe take part in the Main Session on Translating Ethical Values into Economic Value at 4.45pm CET at the European Communication Summit 2013.


You joined Nestlé in 1986. What is it about this particular company that has kept your interest for this amount of time?

Nestlé offers the unique opportunity to work for a truly global company with very strong roots in most countries and with a respect for different cultures. Nestlé is a company focussed on the long-term, a company where people are more important than processes, a leader in nutrition, health and wellness, offering the possibility of multiple functional and geographical experiences, a company with very strong values to which I fully identify and I can easily embrace.


Proficient in several languages, you have worked for Nestlé in several different locations in Europe: France, Hungary and Spain. What do you enjoy most about this kind of international career?

The unique chance to discover very different geographies, cultures and the diversity of our European heritage, whilst developing the presence of our company for the benefit of our local people, consumers and suppliers. One should not underestimate the efforts and investments done by Nestlé to promote a strong business ethic and train and develop our employees in the long term. Working in all these countries has been a new adventure every time.