Getting involved in the team spirit

By focusing their communications on the 2010 World Cup, BASF revealed their human side

When BASF communicates, the focus is quite often on business and financial topics such as quarterly numbers, investment in research and development, product innovation or portfolio change. For maintaining the reputation of a publicly traded company that operates worldwide, these are clearly essential topics. But they are not everything. This is because BASF is first and foremost a company of people: people with various backgrounds, cultures and histories who represent a diverse team that is successful due to this diversity. They put a face on BASF. In order to positively anchor BASF in the public perception in the long run, it is important to present this face. This plays a decisive role, particularly in the immediate environment.

Honorata Doba

Honorata Doba coordinates European communications of the Cognis integration into BASF. She previously served as an editor in the company’s global employee communications unit. She studied at Adam Mickiewicz University in Posen (Poland) and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (Germany) and received her master‘s degree in Sociology. Like Möller, she came to BASF through the company’s public relations traineeship programme.

Thomas Möller

Dr Thomas Möller is head of media relations, Europe, at BASF. In addition, he is in charge of global crisis communications. Having studied social sciences at Ruhr University Bochum (Germany) and Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), he was previously employed in different functions within BASF corporate communications in Germany, Switzerland and the USA.