Luxury and newsroom, an evident match

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At Champagne Taittinger, the epresspack newsroom supports a longstanding strategy around content amplification.

It also helps to enhance strategic content. As a medium, the software suite or ˮcontent factoryˮ raises awareness of the prestige values of a Champagne family brand that is both sparkling and authentic.

With a digital newsroom: CREATE, MANAGE, DISSEMINATE, ANALYSE, ARCHIVE your communication content.

Download the case study: Taittinger: A Digital Newsroom at the Heart of a Worldwide Success: an exclusive 10 pages white paper in six chapters with interview and hint and tips.

Ranked among the six big champagnes houses, Taittinger finishes the year with a remarkable turnover increase. Vitalie Taittinger explains how a content factory or digital newsroom fits into her global strategy to support storytelling and brand identity.

Supporting dialogue with journalists,distributors and influencers from around the globe is easier said than done. For a brand like Taittinger who are they engaging with? A network of influencers, journalists and worldwide distributors of Taittinger champagne. The brand has already established a rapport with these experts in oenology, gastronomy and the art of living, most often through personal encounters. Many luxury brands choose to communicate first and foremost with their qualified and well-known audience. The newsroom is their platform for distributing content.

ˮWe deliberately limited the audience of our newsroom to specialised journalists and influencers and our distributors, about 2000 people around the world.ˮ  Vitalie Taittinger

Interview: Vitalie Taittinger comments on the thousand and one possibilities of this tool 2.0.

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