Issue 03/2017 Asia Pacific

Made to measure

Contemporary anxieties about privacy, the abuse of personal information and the commercialisation of the public sphere sit uneasily alongside our ready acquiescence in handing over our private data for access to online products and services. Nowhere is this tension better embodied than in the current ubiquity of personalised communications – from algorithms that determine your Amazon recommendations to tailored emails in B2B marketing, data has empowered companies to personalise their messages at scale. The Issue Focus section of this magazine explores the how and why of data-driven personalisation, as well as the pitfalls and ethical implications.


The full spectrum of the communicator's portfolio

How China came to lead in digital innovation – and what it means for the communications industry

To define, encourage and improve on collaboration at your workplace, perhaps it’s time to unearth some old board games?

Azran Osman-Rani on challenger brands, start-ups and the future of video on demand

Why one cigarette company is communicating smoke-free products

How Siemens uses cardboard virtual reality viewers to attract the employees of the future

Exploring the new scope of stakeholder engagement

What content is most engaging? Why? What can we learn from it?

Negative headlines, poor staff morale – sometimes shying away from negative stories just isn’t an option

When ANZ launched its first global enterprise social network, communications programme promoted a new way of working

Global companies include networks of knowledgeable experts: but how can companies identify these experts, access their knowledge?


Key communicators under the spotlight

In the face of public apathy, can one human story illuminate a large-scale crisis? We put your questions to the head of communications of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Issue focus

Looking at the important questions of communication

Can AI deliver on the promise of marketing: true personalisation at scale?

In order to retain and grow their customer base, businesses need to get personal with their consumers

How can organisations choose the right data-analysis strategy to suit their personalisation needs?

Finding the right balance between protecting our privacy and allowing organisations to track our every move

A more personalised, authentic approach to communications can help engage the sceptics

Private passions

What makes corporate communicators tick?

Quick insights into building internal relationships