Issue 03/2015 Europe

Pleased to meet you?

Stakeholder engagement means working towards trust, even (especially?) among those with different views: Left and Right, corporations and NGOs, employees and management. It means reaching out before problems arise, rather than after, it means listening as much as talking, explaining with humility rather than boasting or finger-pointing. It’s not surprising that several of the companies most invested in stakeholder engagement operate in industries that directly impact the quality of life of so many people – a fact reflected in the line-up of authors that write about their direct experiences in this issue.

PR Essentials

Key aspects of communication and PR

Presenting 10 starting-points for discussion in this year’s European Communication Monitor


The full spectrum of the communicator's portfolio

In an age of disruption, businesses are faced with a whole new array of risks to their reputation. Communication can help manage these risks.

Sustainable nation branding is paramount to economic recovery and should be high on the Greek agenda.


Wake up to the world of today, where the digital connections that bring people closer together allow for extraordinary brand and engagement opportunities.

Japan is upping its communications game: a series of crises have led to better communication strategies and greater use of professionals.

Readers of corporate reports shoud beware of impression management and the many techniques used to distort corporate messages.

In our new world of connectedness, every company employee is a potential spokesperson – so why not equip them to do that job?

The House of European History is a unique museum project that communicates the chequered past of this conflicted continent.

The 2015 UK General Election was a polarising event. But what communication lessons can it teach us?

Russia presents several fascinating case studies for crisis communications: behind the salacious headlines, public relations and spin are never far away.

A new four-step recruitment communication model could help information technology firms finally crack the code to attracting more women.

A brief prediction for the near future of corporate presentations.


Key communicators under the spotlight

Jim Wilkinson explains why the Alibaba Group has a front-row seat on China’s vital changes and how he is helping Alibaba achieve its global goals.

Issue focus

Looking at the important questions of communication

Companies may not always agree with their stakeholders, but as long as there is respectful engagement, mutual benefits are guaranteed.

Not only is data a strategic asset: it can help drive brand engagement and contribute to the bottom line.

Listening to the demands of multiple audiences is the first step to healthy partnerships with your stakeholders.


Forget the one-dimensional paradigm that says public relations should only be done in conventional channels: the arts – music, dance, visual – are communication tools that can transcend datelines and cultures.

How does a company's Brussels representation help align public affairs activities to the corporate strategy?

Questions to...

The personal side of communication directors

Why Claire Warmenbol wants to conserve nature for the next generation.