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Presenting 10 starting-points for discussion in this year’s European Communication Monitor

Rapid changes in the communication environment challenge organisations around the globe. Many claim that mass media are losing their leading role in shaping public opinion and new approaches like content marketing are propagated.

However, there is little evidence that this helps to support organisational goals. Looking further, there is no compelling answer at all to the overarching question of how communication creates value for organisations – instead, various rationales like building reputation, managing relationships, avoiding crises, securing legitimacy, identifying opportunities or supporting sales compete with each other both in theory and practice.

These and other questions are explored in this year’s edition of the European Communication Monitor. This survey provides a clear view and understanding of the mindset of today’s European communications leaders and in this article we look at the standout findings of this year’s report.

Ralph Tench

Ralph Tench is professor of communication at Leeds Beckett University, UK, where is also serves as the director of research for Leeds Business School. He is also the current President of EUPRERA (European Public Relations Research and Education Association).

Ansgar Zerfass

Dr. Ansgar Zerfass is professor and chair in strategic communication at the Institute of Communication and Media Studies at the University of Leipzig, Germany. He is also professor in communication and leadership at BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo, as well as editor of the International Journal of Strategic Communication, USA, and, inter alia, Plank Scholar at The Plank Center for Leadership and Communication at the University of Alabama, USA. Current projects include, amongst others, the European Communication Monitor and Asia-Pacific Communication Monitor and Value Creating Communication, the world's most extensive research program on corporate communications conducted by with several universities and global companies.