The power of purpose

The DNA Journey: a viral reminder there are more things uniting us than dividing us

In April 2016, global travel search site momondo invited 67 people from all over the world to take part in a journey based on their own DNA. DNA tests were used as a tool to show the participants the diversity within themselves and to spark a debate that would break down boundaries all over the world. Their experiences were captured in momondo’s campaign film The DNA Journey.

The technical progress of the past decades has made our world feel smaller. Still, there are many people today who believe intolerance is on the rise, creating prejudice between people all over the globe. Last year, momondo decided to make an active attempt at breaking down the physical borders as well as the mental boundaries that separate people. Following the vision of a world where our differences are a source of inspiration and development, momondo set out to take the company’s purpose of opening the world through travelling to the next level.

Connecting brand to cause

But how can you position a brand in connection to a social cause with the goal of creating a global movement concerning something so big as removing barriers and prejudices between cultures and people?

“When we first started the thought process on The DNA Journey, we felt it was important to identify relevant correlations between tolerance in the world and momondo as a travel search engine. This would give us the incentive to talk about growing intolerance in the world”, says Julie Pedersen, global head of communications at momondo. “We therefore decided to look into the correlation between travelling and openness towards other people, and launched the report The Value of Travelling – A Global Study of How Travelling Affects Trust.”

Based on the findings of this study – that suggested a clear correlation between how much you travel and how open-minded you are – momondo introduced a toolbox with five ways to open the world through travelling on their purpose platform,, and started to leverage the hashtag #LetsOpenOurWorld. The campaign film, The DNA Journey, was the first spin-off of this purpose platform and was created to spread the message of staying open-minded worldwide.

As part of the campaign, momondo launched a competition and gave people from all over the world the chance to take part in the journey and win one of 500 DNA kits. To enter the second phase of the competition, winners of the DNA kits could submit a video of their reaction when they opened their DNA results for the first time – just like it is done in the original campaign film. This video would be their entry to the second phase, where the first prize was their very own DNA journey: a trip to all the countries in their DNA.

The campaign was launched globally, and saw more than 170,000 people entering the competition. At time of writing, the video has had over 400 million views, and the campaign has seen over 10 million social engagements on all social media platforms, achieved over 900 media clippings, and 4.4 billion media impressions.

The DNA Journey was created as part of momondo's overall vision to make the world more open and celebrate our diversity. momondo’s goal is to inspire people to explore their own diversity and realise that we are all connected and part of the same world. The DNA Journey is not just a campaign; it is a movement and momondo’s attempt to break down the barriers that separate people.

The DNA Journey campaign won in the Viral category of the 2016 European Excellence Awards, which are hosted by Communication Director. You can find the full winners' list here