Issue 03/2016 Europe

Sign of the times: the evolution of the communication function

To mark the 10th year of Communication Director magazine, not only are we tracing the evolution of the communications function from message distributor to strategic partner, we’re also looking at how the changes that rocked our world over the past decade – from technological innovations to political upheavals – have impacted the communicator’s job. And we’re asking: is this period of escalating change and innovation a springboard for the next stage in the evolution of the corporate communications leader’s position? 20 years ago the internet barely existed as mass phenomenon, social media is a little more than 10 years old: companies have had to adapt the way they work – and the type of skills they hire – to remain relevant. Our Issue Focus section examines the changing environment that chief communications officers find them in today: whether Pokémon Go or the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence or the millennial work place, the communications director is at the centre of multiple conversations and how he or she adapts to these will determine the future of the profession.

Agenda setter

Communication ideas in the eyes of experts

When it comes to communicating international climate conferences, is media coverage a help or a hindrance?


The full spectrum of the communicator's portfolio

Communications professionals have a unique opportunity to shape the role of business in society. And the journey has only just begun

What are the lessons communicators should take from Brexit?

The European Communication Monitor shows how communications is developing into a data-based profession

Leading US-based communicators share their insights into the public relations landscape in their country

How one company paid tribute to the people behind the science that shapes our lives

Thought leadership is an effort to engage with issues dear to stakeholders – and helps position companies in a whole new light.

Brand transformation in a disruptive age: how the financial crisis forced ING to rethink its brand

Empowering public participation in transforming global agendas

In a post-expert age, how can financial communicators distinguish their organisations?


Key communicators under the spotlight

Artificial intelligence will transform every aspect of our civilization, according to Jürgen Schmidhuber, whose deep learning artificial neural networks are widely used by the world’s most valuable public companies. But how do you create a curious robot? And what reassurances can be given to those who fear the rise of the machines?

Issue focus

Looking at the important questions of communication

Defining the leadership characteristics of chief communications and corporate affairs officers

Reputation has emerged as one of the major determinants of a company’s success: managing it is a key role of the chief communications officer

Integrated marketing and communications could be key to organsiational survival in a fragmented world

A future role of communication directors is to explain societal megatrends to their organisations and stakeholders

How communicators must adapt to ever-shrinking attention spans by building on engagement.

Private passions

What makes corporate communicators tick?

Inge Wallage on how Wicca enables a rich and meaninful approach to life