A balanced view

Gender diversity within the organisation makes business sense. What are you doing to make your team more equal?


All the evidence agrees: A fair gender match in business is good business. But achieving this match requires fundamental shifts in organisational vision, policy and culture.

In many ways I am a typical ‘bloke’. While I am conscious of my own fallibility, I am also alarmed that so many businesses continue to fail to appreciate the differences that they consciously or sub-consciously propagate between genders. Whilst it is now largely agreed that sexism is bad, in its place is a lazy acceptance of the differences between men and women that inhibits the ability of women to reach senior positions in companies. Yet, there is a fundamental truth in business. A balanced and fair gender match in business is good business.

Bob Grove

Bob Grove oversees Edelman in North Asia, with 10 offices across mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. Previously, Bob led Edelman’s Southeast Asia operations for eight years. Prior to joining Edelman, Bob worked for a global business-to-business technology provider as the managing director of its North Asia operations.