Truth and scrutiny

EACD Forum keynote speaker Matthew Karnitschnig on Trump, Europe and fact checking 

Matthew Karnitschnig, POLITICO chief Europe correspondent, delivered the keynote speech at December's EACD Forum.

After the discussion, Matthew spoke with Communication Director about the rise of populist politics and how best to provide journalistic coverage of political events.

He identifies the failure of politicians from established parties to properly engage with those communities most critical of the status quo as opening the door for the use of populist tactics in national and international political arenas.

Despite an increasing level of sensationalism being employed by politicians, he maintains that journalistic fact-checking remains important to scrutinise the statements of traditional and populist politicians alike, arguing that all politicians must be held accountable to their promises once they come to power.

To see the full interview watch the video below:

A version of this article was originally published on the EACD website as "“Over time, it will be the facts that matter

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