Letting go with tango

Concentration, teamwork, creativity: some of the lessons learned step by step by Iren Marta.

What ignited your passion for tango?

It was a result of a couple of small signs during several years. An invitation to a tango performance, a CD of tango music as a present, watching the film Scent of a Woman and so on. Finally I was interviewed by a journalist who talked to me about her passion for tango and gave me the telephone number of her tango teacher.

What do you enjoy most about tango?

The interaction and inspiration between the two dancers, the endless creativity and the fact that I have to listen to my partner very carefully at each and every moment. There is no time for any other thought.

What did you find most difficult about learning the dance?

As I am very much a leader type of person, letting my partner lead me was quite a challenge.

What are your favourite styles of Tango?

Argentinian tango is on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. There are several styles like the Tango Waltzes, Milonga and Tango Nuevo, but my favorite is the highly original and playful Tango Canyengue. Its rhythm can be described as incisive, exciting and provocative. As steps, I like Ganchos and Volcadas.

“Argentinian tango is on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list.”

Have you travelled to dance the tango?

Yes, I travelled to Spain and I am planning to go to Argentina this year. You can dance it in almost every big European city like Paris, Berlin, Zurich and Brussels where I travel to quiet often.

How do you apply what you’ve learned from your dancing to your work as a communicator?

Flexibility, creativity, inspiration, empathy, concentration and teamwork are the key words for me. Furthermore one hour of dancing is equal to one hour of playing squash as physical exercise. It keeps me mentally and physically fit.

How would you encourage your fellow communicators to take up tango?

Are you afraid of any addiction? Then do not even think about dancing tango.

Iren Marta

Iren Marta joined the Business Council for Sustainable Development Hungary in 2009, first as vice president and then, from October last year, managing director. Prior to that, Iren worked for the Holcim Group, first as chief of communications and public affairs at Holcim Hungary, then communications manager for the group’s ONEurope region, and then as executive director at the Holcim Home Foundation for sustainable housing. Before Holcim, Iren head of marketing communications for Hungary at Legrand. Iren is also a regional coordinator for the European Association of Communication Directors.