What matters where

Adapting to diversity can be to your advantage

‘You don’t put your photo, age, or family status on your CV and it’s normal to exaggerate about your accomplishments in the US’, I said nonchalantly at an event for Human Resource professionals in Germany, ‘they respect you in the US for selling yourself well’. This created quite a stir as recruiters, training managers, and other European HR personnel digested this information. ‘But what can the employer rely on then?!’ several individuals burst out.

Melissa Lamson

For over 20 years, Melissa Lamson has helped individuals and companies located all over the world build their leadership development programmes and respond to global business needs, leveraging innovation and outpacing the competition. Founder and president of Lamson Consulting, LLC, she is also frequently engaged as a speaker, has a master’s in intercultural relations, and is the author of three books: No Such Thing As Small Talk; #Cultural Transformation Tweet; and Successful US Market Entry.