Director of Communications

The House of Commons
(London. United Kingdom)
Posted: 12. April 2018
Thursday, 12 April 2018
United Kingdom
The House of Commons
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The House of Commons and the iconic Palace of Westminster are key elements of the UK’s democracy. Around 2,500 staff work behind the scenes at the House of Commons, supporting the democratic process in many different ways. We are politically impartial and take great pride in the vision and values which guide our work.

It takes a huge range of skills and experience to keep the House of Commons running, and we all contribute to supporting a thriving parliamentary democracy.

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Team Information 

The House of Commons is constantly in the public eye, and has a number of reputational challenges: from public skepticism about politicians through to a lack of public understanding about the role of Parliament as distinct from the Government. The Communications Office is responsible for central communications and relations with the media, on behalf of the central institution in our democracy and (with the Lords) one of the most iconic buildings in the world.  The Director of Communications is also responsible for working with communications professionals across the organisation and in the Digital Service, to ensure that local and central communications enhance the overall reputation of the House of Commons. The Director also works closely with colleagues in the House of Lords.

The Communications Office manages communication to enable the development of high quality and professional communications expertise, and coherent standards for all content.
The Role

The House of Commons Communications Office works to enhance and protect the reputation of the House of Commons in a challenging environment. It also focuses on internal communication, ensuring that staff, MPs and MP staff at Westminster and in constituencies are effectively informed of the role, activities and ambitions of the House Service. An improved reputation and well-informed colleagues are essential components of delivering a thriving parliamentary democracy, the House’s overall strategic aim.

The Director of Communications ensures that the reputational component ambitions of the House Service strategy is realised Office are realized, overseeing the Office’s strategic delivery, bringing innovative ideas and practices to the delivery of communications services and an excellent understanding of the business and behavioral changes required to embed new ways of working. They will provide leadership and strengthen the culture of professional strategic communications across the business and be a champion for best practice in parliamentary communications.

They will have extensive experience in communications, public relations or campaigns in a challenging external context. They will also bring experience of team and administrative management including corporate planning, budgeting and reporting, be an excellent project leader and have the ability to effectively deliver proactive campaigns and manage crisis communications incidents. 

Most importantly this role owns the external and internal communications of the House Service Services, as these are seen as widely interchangeable in this environment. This role is the Head of profession which stretches across a wide landscape from the Digital Service and social media development to the individual select Committees and their work.

Equally this individual will need to work closely with colleagues developing and delivering an ambitious public engagement participation agenda, which is about building reach within the UK, and driving the organisations’ vision - a thriving Parliamentary democracy.