FR: Le Failler succeeds Ouazan at the French Blood Establishment

Françoise Le Failler replaces Jean-Marc Ouazan as Communications Director who has held the position at the French National Blood Service since 2005.

Le Failler  graduated from Reims Management School has been stationed at the EFS since 2007 where she previously held the position of Assistant Director of Communications.

Previously, she was a technical advisor for the President of the Regional Council of Burgundy, François Patriat. Her experience in the public sector has also been developed within the National Forest Office, where she served from 2000 to 2005 as Head of the Development Department.

The Etablissement Français du Sang (French National Blood Service) is the only civilian blood transfusion organization in France. Blood transfusion, to which the EFS has held exclusive rights since 2000, includes blood donation, plasma donation and platelet donation. The Etablissement Français du Sang guarantees the safety of the transfusion chain, from the donor to the receiver. It contributes to treating over 1 million patients each year. The Etablissement Français du Sang is present throughout the territory (including French overseas departments) with its 153 permanent collection venues and 40,000 mobile collections.

Communications Director