Kingdom of Spain Lacarte appointed head of comms at Groupon

Friday, 14. July 2017

Groupon, a global leader in coupon sales, has appointed Estefanía Lacarte as head of communications for southern Europe.

In her five years at the company, Estefanía has implemented Groupon's communications strategy in Spain, focusing on the dialogue both with consumers, to highlight the experience, know-how and guarantees offered by Groupon, and with local businesses in the cities where they operate, highlighting Groupon's international side as a creator of the coupon sales sector, which it has led since it was established. As a native Internet company, social network communication is essential to Groupon's communications strategy, which is also led by Estefanía and which she will continue to undertake in Italy, so that she can be wherever her customers are, getting to know their concerns and responding through the channels they use.

Lacarte, who has led the Communications Department in Spain for the past five years, will now also take on Italy, managing both the country's public relations and social media strategy. She has a degree in Journalism and a Master's in Internet Business (MIB) from ISDI and in 2016 she studied on the International Business Digital Executive (RCC-ISDI) programme at Harvard University. Before joining Groupon, she worked as a consultant at communications agencies Burson Marsteller and Globally.

In the seven years Groupon has been operating in Spain, the company has sold more than 13 million coupons in the more than 20 cities where it offers its services. Its local presence and proximity to the experiences on offer to users is one of the very keys to its success. Since it arrived in Spain, the company has partnered with more than 30,000 Spanish SMEs and businesses, which it has helped move into online business or extend their sales via this channel.

Head of Communications for Southern Europe
Heads of Comms, PR & Social Media Spain and Portugal
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