SE: New Communications Director at Lantmännen

Madelaine Hellqvist Kongstad has been appointed new Communications Director at Lantmännen. Her responsibilities will include external and market communications, and the development of Lantmännen's brand.

Kongstad was previously Head of Market Communication and Brand Management at Lantmännen, and has served as Acting Communications Director since May, 2013. Madelaine will assume her new position immediately, and will continue to report directly to Lantmännen's Group President and CEO, Per Olof Nyman.

She has worked at Lantmännen since 2006, when she stepped into the newly created role of Head of Market Communication and Brand Management. Since then, she has led the efforts to renew and develop Lantmännen's brand, and to position Lantmännen clearer with consumers. Kongstad has also worked as Marketing Director at Swedish commercial TV channel TV4, and as responsible for market communication and brand at Sweden Post.

Lantmännen is an agricultural cooperative owned by virtually all active farmers in Sweden. Lantmännen's core mission is to provide members with seed, fertilizer, animal feed and other essential agricultural services. The company consists of several small local associations. As of 2008, it was owned by 42,000 Swedish farmers, had approximately 13,500 employees, operated in 19 countries and reported a turnover of kr 3.6 billion.

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