Conferences: a survival kit

(Almost) all you need to know to face 2012’s onslaught of conferences with confidence

As a communication professional, chances are that you daily receive brochures and invitations through the post, as well as emails and long, pleading calls from events organisers begging you to participate in conferences from the wide spectrum of communication subjects like social media, internet and intranet, crisis communication, and so on. The choice is dizzying, with all major communication issues on the agenda of conferences. But attending conferences is very time and cost consuming. For these reasons, permanently-busy communication professionals do not have the time nor, in many cases, the budget to attend conferences as they wish, even if a relaxed atmosphere and interaction with others promises to promote creativity.

Lubna Haj Issa

Lubna Haj Issa has headed corporate communications at global travel retailer the Dufry Group since January 2006. She has around 20 years of experience in communications and a background in both journalism and publishing. Before joining Dufry, she worked as a public relations officer for various organisations such as the University Fachhochschule Gelsenkirchen and Perfumery Douglas.